Aalborg, Denmark 11th, 12th & 13th October 2017

NordicRAS 2017

NordicRAS 2017

Det lille Teater – Thursday 12th and Friday 13th October
The workshop starts Thursday 12th at 10am (registration and handover of name tags etc. from 09am to 10am) and ends Friday 13th at 3pm.

Anticipated sessions

  • Microbial water quality
  • On-growing of different species in RAS
  • Waste treatment
  • Particles in RAS
  • Gases and online monitoring
  • Saltwater RAS - session organized by AES (the Aquaculture Engineering Society)

Selected speakers and tentative titles

  • Willy Verstraete, Gent University, Belgien: Keynote on waste water treatments and water quality
  • Mark Powell, Uni Bergen, Norway: Keynote on diseases in RAS
  • Marc Verdegem, Wageningen University, The Netherlands: Impact of RAS rearing environment on the development of gut microbiota
  • Julia Fossberg, Lerøy Midt, Norway: Microbial water quality in a commercial Atlantic salmon smolt RAS
  • Tahi Fu, Aquapri, Denmark: On-growing in RAS versus fingerlings in RAS
  • Aki Honkanen, Sybimar, Finland: Rearing white fish in a RAS integrated concept
  • Kim Hieronymus Nielsen / Arndt von Danwitz, Danish Salmon, Denmark: Experiences with on-growing of Atlantic salmon in RAS
  • Jon-Birger Løvik, Langsand Laks, Denmark: Atlantic Sapphire and 90,000 tons Atlantic salmon RAS in Miami, USA
  • David Owen, Blue Unit, Denmark: Online CO2 measurements
  • Torsten Boutrup, Aquapri, Denmark: Biostability in RAS - how do we measure it?
  • Jaap van Rijn, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel: Denitrification in seawater

About NordicRAS 2017
Fish farming in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) is a rapidly growing industry and the technology is developing at a considerable pace. An increasing number of large-scale RAS have been designed for production and cultivation of different species in both freshwater and seawater. However, there is still much to learn in terms of designing and operating these systems, including many new challenges that arise when working with saltwater.

At the fourth international NordicRAS workshop, fish breeders, operators, technology & service providers and researchers will present and discuss current developments, experience gained and recently achieved research results.

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Please feel free to contact the National Institute of Aquatic Resources (DTU Aqua) / Anne Johanne Tang Dalsgaard jtd@aqua.dtu.dk for more information.